Philadelphia Plastics - Your Plastic Recycling Solution

Recycling is more than just a process; it is a service. For over two decades, Philadelphia Plastics has been providing plastic recycling services all over the US, Canada, Central and South America - not just reprocessing solutions that improve the environment, but waste plastic disposal and recycled plastic supply solutions to our clients.

With a network capable of servicing clients all over North America, we specialize in reclaiming and recycling plastic products from a variety of clients in the industrial and commercial sectors, turning their unwanted plastic materials into premium grade plastic resins to be used to create second generation plastic products.

Because we recycle plastic from such an array of sources, we have a unique perspective on the specific recycling services that both ends of the industry need. In fact, because of our ability to meet our clients' needs, Philadelphia Plastics has developed a reputation as a leader in the recycling industry.

Since 1992, we have striven to perfect a service that sees clients at both ends of our processing services benefit, both in terms of their revenue and in their 'Green' image.

Why Sell Us Your Scrap Plastics?

Getting rid of unwanted plastics does not need to be a costly headache. Between old buckets and tubs, or pallet and pipes, or even waste plastics created though an industrial process, there can be quite a build-up of unwanted plastic materials that need to be disposed of.

At Philadelphia Plastics, we not only buy your scrap plastics from you, thereby turning your waste into revenue, but we also take care of every logistical aspect of the process. From picking your plastics up to dropping them off at our recycling center, we remove the disposal headache you would otherwise face.

We accept a range of different plastic resins, including polyethylene, polystyrene, polypropylene, PVC, nylon, acrylic and vinyl, ensuring that almost every commercial and industrial company can find in us the solution to their plastic scraps disposal problem.

Our expertise in handling and processing waste of such a toxic nature is unbeaten. We at Philadelphia Plastics have built our reputation on responsible waste management, which is why our state-of-the-art recycling facility in Oregon meets every standard the industry has set.

So, we can be relied upon to dispose of their plastic waste quickly and efficiently, ensuring that their own 'Green' promise to recycle plastic waste is upheld.

Why Buy Our Reprocessed Plastics?

Buying reprocessed plastic resins and plastic polymers are an environmental solution to the resource needs of manufacturers of plastic products - but they are also a cost effective solution. Of course, even with savings made and the environment boosted, purchasers want quality.

We provide a range of plastic resin types, including ABS, K-Resin, HDPE and LDPE polyethylene, and PVC, ensuring we are in the strongest position to meet your needs. These resins are available in either regrind, pulverized, pellet or repro forms, all of which are available at competitive prices.

But recycling plastic is just part of it. As part of our commitment to providing a complete solution, we recycle plastic to the exact specifications that our customers lay down, and then deliver what they want, when they want, on time every time. So, you don't have to worry about anything, from the moment you place your order to the moment it arrives at your manufacturing facility.

Philadelphia Plastics - Recycling plastic is what we do!

With over two decades behind us, we know just how valuable plastic recycling can be to you. It is not just about saving the planet, or reducing our carbon footprint, but also about providing cost effective services and resources to clients with an environmental conscience.

At Philadelphia Plastics, we take pride in being able to go further for you, providing Value Added Services and Logistics Management that makes both the disposal of scrap plastics and supply of quality recycled plastic resins as simple and dependable as possible.

We are committed to providing the complete solution to your plastic recycling needs. Whether you are looking for a recycling company to take your plastic scrap material or to buy reprocessed plastics from, keep in mind that not all recycling companies are alike. Philadelphia Plastics stands above its competitors because it offers that much more.